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Traditional dances and dramas of intangible cultural heritage thrivein class-break exercise

By Liu Fang Source:China Tibet News 2017-04-13

Recent years, culture and education departments of all levels in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region have been actively organizing and carrying out the program of inviting intangible cultural inheritors of traditional Tibetan dances and dramas to primary and middle schools as advisers for their interest-oriented classes, in order to teach new featured class-break setting-up exercises with elements of traditional dances and dramas which are listed into intangible cultural heritage. Thus, great mass fervor on traditional Tibetan dances and dramas is becoming a hot trend amongjuveniles around the whole region.

Tibet has the good reputation of “sea of songs and dances”; for most people in Tibet are always skilled in singing and dancing.The unique cultural environment and rich cultural deposits have decided traditional songs and dramas accounting for the largest proportion among all sections of intangible cultural heritage category. According to TAR Community Art Center, the total number of projects in the two sections is 108, which accounts for 43.8% of the number of national-level projects.

Nowadays,frequent appearances and great social concern have influenced primary and secondary school students within the whole region, they are proud of learning the traditional local songs and dances.

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