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Lhasa forms a new pattern of cultural service system

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2017-01-12

In recent years, Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous region, improves the network of basic public cultural facilities and carries out various of cultural people-benefiting activities, promoting the development of basic culture. At the moment, there are eight county-level comprehensive cultural activity centers, 66 township comprehensive cultural stations, 228 rural libraries, four rehearsal halls for folk art troupes and five folk museums. Besides, Chengguan, Chushur, Nyemo, Maizhokunggar and Dagze now all have folk art troupes. The public cultural service network based on township cultural station has been formed.

At the point, 80 villages in Lhasa have started installing the project of digital cultural corridor. Meanwhile, 23 towns and 144 villages are equipped with computer and All-In-One PC. With an investment of 35 million yuan, a comprehensive cultural activity center in Doilungdeqen has been put into operation. Damxung's comprehensive cultural activity center will be put into use this year, which has been poured into 16 million yuan. In addition, the basic comprehensive cultural service center has start building, which aims to publicize culture and popularize science and technology.

Bureau of Culture of Lhasa will strive to realize culture sharing by integrating Lhasa's culture resources next year.

Last year, the main part of song and dance troupe of Lhasa's mass culture activity center had been completed. Based on rural and communities' libraries, Lhasa had formed a new pattern of the four-level public culture service system that is supported by township comprehensive culture station.

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