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Barkhor Street to build Tibetan cultural tourism landscape

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-01-09

Barkhor Street is located in the old town of Lhasa City and is Lhasa's famous commercial center. Its traditional condition and living pattern are basically preserved. The original street is just around Jokhang Temple, while now it has been expanded to a large block of old streets. In the future, Barkhor Street will be built to a shopping area with culture and tourism characteristics. South Dosengge Road will be built to the clothing, local specialty, and souvenir area, while North Dosengge Road will be built to the clothing, shoes and leather product area. Besides, Tengye Ling Road and East Beijing Road will be upgraded on the basis of the current conditions.

Combination of tradition and modern, Coexistence of preservation and innovation

On Barkhor Street, if you want to experience Tibetan culture, you can visit Jokang Temple, Ramoche Temple, Canggu Temple, Gedun Chophel Memorial and so on. If you want to taste characteristic snacks, you can go to Maji Ame and Guangming Gangqiong Sweet Tea House. In addition, you can also appreciate traditional Tibetan architecture on Tengye Ling Road, purchase Tibetan wood bowel, Thangka, and hand strings in Barkhor Shopping Mall, customize Tibetan costumes in special stores, and have snacks in KFC. This is Barkhor Street, combining tradition and modern.

With many temples, Barkhor Street isa scared place that a pious person would visit. Many tourists who want to explore Tibetan culture would go there, too. Snack bars  including butter tea and sweet tea houses, potato chip stores, and Tibetan noodle shops around these temples attract a lot of people.

There are not only Maji Ame, but also KFC. Apart from Tibetan noodle and butter tea, it has coffee house and western-style food. In addition, KFC coexists with hotpot, and foreign clothing brands coexist with China's ethnic brands. Barkhor Street has extremely inclusiveness, combining preservation and innovation.

Orientation of Tibetan cultural tourism landscape, comprehensive block of commerce and tourism

Tsering, who is living on the Tengye Ling Road, says that Barkhor Street has always been the featured block in Tibet and local people have deep feelings to it. He hopes that Tibetan cultural factors can be preserved in the future. Mr. Wang, who is operating a Tibetan clothing store on East Beijing Road, says that he has come to Tibet for many years and has certain feelings to Barkhor Street. He hopes that some convenient service functions can be added.

In the future planning, the orientation of Barkhor Street is "Tibetan cultural tourism landscape, Lhasa commercial style, characteristic service experience, and window exemplary role". The existing Barkhor block, South Dosengge Road which is local specialty shopping street, North Dosengge Road which is clothing street, Tengye Ling Road which is culture and tourism experience street, as well as Ramoche Temple and East Beijing Road which are ethnic clothing streets will be built to a comprehensive block with good supporting facilities and combines commerce and tourism.

The future Barkhor Street will be favored not only by local people but also by tourists.

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