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Thankga exhibition held in the National Art Museum of China

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-01-09

On Jan. 7, the "heavenly land in Tibet · Tibetan Thangka art exhibition" was held in the National Art Museum of China.

This exhibition concentratedly shows the inheritance and innovation of Tibetan Thangka art. In addition, it displays a large number of excellent Thangka art works which are created by contemporary artists in Tibet.

The works exhibited all have their own characters and the painting style is rigorous. They all have very high artistic values. The exhibition will be held until Jan. 18.

With the development of times, Tibet's excellent traditional culture is inherited and carried forward at the same time. Apart from learning and inheriting traditional paintings, art workers of all nationalities also positively adopt modern art and inland painting elements. A large amount of Thangka works are created and are favored by the masses. Thangka, an ancient painting art, is shining more brilliantly in the new era.

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