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Ngari: a cultural protection investment of 260 million yuan

By Zhi Xinghua Source:Chinatibetnews.com 2015-06-02

In recent years, by taking positive and effective measures, Ngari  Prefecture has made solid progress in cultural protection and development. Statistics show that, during the 12th five year plan period, Ngari has got a cultural protection investment of 260 million yuan RMB from the central government and Tibet Autonomous Region.

At present, there are 4 national level cultural relics protection units and 29 autonomous region level cultural relics protection units in Ngari Prefecture. Among the 260 million yuan RMB cultural protection investment, 220 million yuan RMB has been for the projects that are under construction or to be constructed. A large number of key cultural relics protection units including Gurge kingdom relics and Khorzhak Monastery have gotten repairing and protection.

Now Ngari has 3 national level intangible cultural heritages, 17 autonomous region level projects and 48 county level projects. In addition, Ngari has cultivated 4 autonomous region level intangible project inheritors and 2 people have applied for the national level inheritors.

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