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Nyingchi to celebrate Kongpo Losar New Year

By Gao Junxia Source:China Tibet News 2018-03-30

As a popular festival in Nyingchi City, the Kongpo Losar New Year will fall on Nov. 11 this year and till Nov. 27.

During the festival, local people participate in various activities with beautiful traditional costumes, such as dancing, singing and sending New Year’s wishes each other and so on.

Locals also celebrate the festival in their traditional way including “banquet for dogs”, religious offerings, changing prayer flags, expelling the evil spirit and others.

On their New Year eve, dogs are invited to a banquet. It is believed that dog’s choice represents different special meanings. If dogs choose to eat tsamba or pancake, it means there will be a bumper harvest the next year. If dogs choose to eat butter or cheese, it means there will be prosperous animal husbandry.

Besides, many cultural entertainment performances will put on during the event, such as whistling archery, carrying stones, Guo zhuang dance and so on.

Because of unique geographic condition, Nyingchi in November is covered with colorful autumn scenery, red autumnal leaves and snow mountains.

Different prefectures in Tibet celebrate the New Year at different time. Among all Tibetan New Year festivals, Kongpo Losar New Year is the earliest one, which observes a month ahead of the traditional Tibetan Losar New Year.

It can dates back to the 13th century, when the Tibetan king found out that Genghis Khan intended to attack the region.

Therefore, the Tibetan king ordered his people to celebrate the festival one month earlier. From then on, this tradition was carried on to honor those heroes who fought in the battle, according to local officials.

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