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Cho dance: a dance that attracts demon

By Source:China Tibet Online 2015-07-22


Actors are performing the Cho dance. [Photo/www.51tibettour.com]

Cho dance is an unique Tibetan religious dance, having a history of nearly 1,300 years. Some say Cho dance is a divine religious dance while some say it is one of the most time-honored dances in the world.

Cho dance is a kind of drum dance in Tibetan language. In the early stage, it was performed during religious ceremony to expel devil, and then became a folk dance popular among Tibetan people.

It was said in the mid 8th century, the 37th Tibetan King Trisong Detsen built the Samye Monastery, Tibet's first monastery, with the help of Buddha Padmasambhava. While they were building the monastery, the demon came to make trouble. In order to drive out the demon, the Buddha Padmasambhava invited some dancers to perform Cho Dance to expel the demon. The demon was deeply attracted by the dance, and had no interest to make trouble.

After the founding of the Samye Monastery, the Tibetan King held a grand celebration ceremony. Year after year, the Cho dance becomes a popular folk dance, varying from areas to areas. The Lhoka Prefecture of Tibet has the most types.


Actors are performing the Cho dance. [Photo/China Tibet Online]


Actors and actress are performing the Cho dance. [Photo/www.51tibettour.com]

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