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Buttered tea:Tibetans' favourite drink

By Source:China Tibet Online 2015-06-01




Buttered tea

Butter is distilled from milk. When the butter is refined it can be boiled with tea to make buttered tea.

Milk is poured into either a stirring barrel or specialized pottery and then churned up and down, left and right hundreds of times, causing the oil and water separate, with butter ultimately emerging above a layer of yellow fat.

The butter is then wrapped in leather pockets, used at home, or sold. The butter's fat content can reach up to 80%-90%, and contains protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, vitamin A, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, and other ingredients.

Each ½ kg of butter can produce around 4,000 calories of energy to support the human body. After eating this butter, the human body is hardier and more able to resist the cold.

For Tibetan people who live on high plateaus situated in cold climates, this high-calorie food can strengthens their ability to endure low temperatures.

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