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Duoqiong: making a living by crafts

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月10日 10:03

Duoqiong, a villager from Pangda Village, Zhaxigang Town, Lhaze County, Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is a recognized able person who leads local people to get rich.

However, before 2013, Duoqiong's life was very hard. He could only rely on the government's allowance and the help of village Party branch and village committee (the "two committees" ) to solve the problem of food and housing. Then he became the key object of poverty alleviation in the village.

At that time, whenever the village cadres and village work force came to his home, Duoqiong just listened to them and did not care what they said. But as time went on, Duoqiong became more or less moved. "At that time, cadres always came to my home, and the neighbors also knew that I was poor. I felt very ashamed," said Duoqiong.

Until one day, with the guidance of village cadres, Duoqiong decided to change this situation and had the idea of making a living by crafts.

In order to change the status quo, as long as there was a craftsman to work in the village, no matter what kind of work, Duoqiong would stand by and study. When learning carpentry, he was questioned by the neighbors. However, he finally mastered the skill with perseverance. After that, he also went to Xigaze City to learn welding, painting and other crafts, and gradually became a craftsman with a variety of crafts. His life was gradually improved.

In July 2015, with the support of the Party committee and government of Lhaze County, Duoqiong established the farmers' specialized agricultural products processing cooperative. Since 2016, he has taken the initiative to participate in the fight against poverty, recruiting the registered poor households to work at the cooperative.

"Duoqiong's transformation is what we've all seen, and it's an example for the poor to follow. In his drive, my family's income has also been greatly increased," said a villager who worked at the cooperative.

Today, the number of the cooperative's workers has grown from 10 to more than 40, including 17 registered poor households, all of whom have been lifted out of poverty. The annual net income of cooperative has reached over 400,000 yuan RMB.

"I have such a life because of the good policies of the Party and the country. We have caught up with the good times, and we need to live a good life by our hands," said Duoqiong excitedly.

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