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Intro about Tibetan garments

By Source:tibetculture 2015-01-31

These vary in materials and techniques in different places, but the style is almost same. Generally, Tibetan garments in-clude robes, ordinary clothes and shirts.

The Tibetan robe is the most com-monly seen garment with buttons on the right side. The male style is wide and has sleeves, while the female's style is slightly narrower, with or without sleeves. Urban residents like to use high-grade woolen fabrics, people in agricultural areas use pulu, and in animal husbandry flourishing areas choose furs to make Tibetan robes. As it is long, it is worn with a waist belt. People only put their left arm in the sleeve when it is hot.

The shirt also has a right-button style. The men's style is mostly in white and has a high collar with buttons, while the women's style is in various colors, with turndown col-lar but without buttons. In addition, the women's sleeve is 40cm longer than the shirt. Usu-ally the sleeve is rolled up and down when dancing.

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