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Men's and women's clothes and accessories

By Source:tibetculture 2015-01-31

In the harsh conditions of the Tibetan high plateau it is important to have a dress protecting one against the adversities of weather - cold, wind, and strong solar radiation during the summer. The most important part of Tibetan clothing is therefore a warm and heavy coat or chupa, felt boots and various kinds of caps and hats, often made from precious materials such as brocade with rich embroidery and other ornaments. Men's and women's clothes are presented on six dummies. The clothes differ according to area of origin. 

Important accessories are metal jewels made from silver, conch-shells, carved yak bones, and precious stones. There are also beads, necklaces, earrings, rings, hair-buckles and braces, charms, buckles, embellishing threads and hair-tassels, traditional metal buttons, twisted belts, and a man's leather belt with pockets. The most favourite stones are turquoise and dzi, which are believed to bring good luck.

The different useful little things which Tibetans take with them on their travels are also very interesting. Examples of these are: a brass mirror melong, knives (different for men and women), leather and cloth embroidered purses (also different for men and women), a needle-case and thimble made from bone and leather marked out specially for men, flint-and-steels, silver cases for bamboo pens, bodkin with a case, mull and travel sewing utensils (again with different designs for men and women), a travelling leather bag similar to the rucksack, and a small plaited bag, etc. 

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