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Relocating the poor to live a good life

By Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月14日 09:40

"It's better to move out than live in the poor mountainous area." "We are willing to move out." "Leave this place and start a new life."... Villagers and Dondrup Palden, director of the village committee of Langba Village, Tanggar Town, Baxoi County, Qamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, were very happy when they heard that the government planned to relocate local registered poor households and people in dilapidated houses.

"The living environment in our village is very poor. We can only get in and out of some unincorporated villages through narrow paths, which is very inconvenient for our lives when the mountain is snowbound in winter," said Dondrup Palden.

In July 2019, 423 people from 72 households in Tanggar Town, including Dondrup Palden, moved into the relocation site in Baima Town. The relocation site mainly involved 3,343 people from 657 registered poor households in 11 villages and towns of the county. At present, all people have moved into the site.

"My current new house is not only spacious, bright, clean and tidy, but also located in a good geographical location, which is convenient for shopping, medical treatment and schooling." Dondrup Palden said with a smile.

According to the person in charge of the county's relevant department, since the implemention of the relocation work in 2016, Baxoi County has planned to build 16 relocation sites (excluding 145 people from 26 households in 2 relocation sites of Yangbajain), and to move 9,364 registered poor people from 1,755 households. Up to now, all the 16 relocation sites have been built and occupied, greatly improving the poor masses' production and living conditions.

Luosong Phuntsog, a villager of Gyire Village, Gyari Town, moved into the relocation site in Nairan Village of Baima Town in October 2018. "My previous house was a two-storey adobe house, with poor living conditions, I had no living guarantee. Thanks to the government's good policies, I moved into a new house. I am able to work out or open a shop now, and I am very happy." He said.

Nairan Village's relocation site involves Gyari Town, Yangba Town and Waba Town which are located along the Nujiang River, with high mountains and valleys, backward infrastructure, extremely inconvenient transportation as well as scanty means of production. Therefore, the government has relocated the whole towns to help local people relocate, find jobs and get rich.

Baxoi County's Jidar Town was a severely afflicted area of Kaschin-Beck disease. To control and prevent the disease, Jidar Town made great efforts to improve water and food. Lhasang Chodron, deputy secretary of the party committee of Jidar Town said, "we built the first phase of relocation sites in Jidar Village and Ouchong Village in 2016, and the second phase of relocation site in Jidar Village in 2018. A total of 281 people from 73 households moved into the three relocation sites, among them, patients with Kaschin-Beck disease were in remission after relocation."

Sonam Tsering and his wife Xiga Bazhen lived in the first phase of relocation site in Jidar Village. Xiga Bazhen was a patient with Kaschin-Beck disease; Sonam Tsering had some trouble with walking. After knowing their physical conditions, local government arranged Sonam Tsering to participate in skill training to master a technology. Afterwards, he rented a storefront in the relocation site and opened an electric welding processing shop, enabling him to work nearby.

"The shop is in a prominent position by the roadside and my business is pretty good. With the government's dividends and ecological job subsidies, my famiy are free from worrying about food and clothing. Thanks to the government's help, I will continue to work hard and use my own skill to make my family grow richer," said Sonam Tsering.

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