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Losang Jinpa: a dreamer of Tibetan medicine

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月01日 09:52

More than 600 people, like Padma Tsangjo made their living by planting Tibetan medicine, all of which was attributed to Losang Jinpa, a foregoer who led the villagers to get rich in the Qongga Village of Qusum Town, Qusum County, Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Losang Jinpa was born in a peasant family in Qongga Village which had flat and open lands suitable for Tibetan medicine planting. After graduating from Tibetan Traditional Medical University in early years, he worked in Shannan Tibetan Medicine Hospital and Yumbulagang Tibetan Medicine Factory successively. Years of hard work helped him broaden his horizons and earn money. However, he always had the idea of returning to the hometown and planting Tibetan medicine.

After 13 years of efforts, he had enough experience and savings, and gradually formed his entrepreneurial ideas. In 2012, he resolutely decided to give up his stable job and return hometown to start his own business at the age of 32. In 2013, he planned to contract land in the village to grow Tibetan medicine. However, he encountered great resistance at this time. Many villagers didn't believe him at first.

"I couldn't contract the land, so I had to persuade them to believe me, because I didn't want to give up." Losang Jinpa recalled. Eventually, he contracted only 4000 ㎡ of land from other villagers, which didn't live up to his expectations. He planted medicine on all land; when he encountered field management problems, he consulted experts of Shannan Tibetan Medical Research Institute. Under his careful planting, he got income of 300,000 yuan RMB that year.

His Tibetan medicine achieved initial success; villagers who followed him made money, so other villagers also followed him one after another. Then, he registered Tibet Shannan Denuo Agricultural and Forestry Industry Development Co., Ltd., and set up a Tibetan medicine planting and processing professional cooperative of Qongga Village of Qusum Town. He began large-scale planting of Tibetan medicine, and developed to the downstream industrial chain, such as Tibetan medicinal products research and production.

"Planting Tibetan medicine was only the first step. We needed to produce influential and technological Tibetan medicinal products, and create Tibetan medicine brands through deep processing," said Losang Jinpa. Therefore, he registered the trademark of "Zang Mingkang" and embarked on the path of industrialization and large-scale development.

The area of the cooperative planting base expanded from 4,000 ㎡ to 346,667 ㎡ year by year; planting area involved to Qongga Village, Xaglho and Dongkar Village; there were 16 kinds of medicine including Tibetan radix aucklandiae, safflower, Himalayan mirabilis jalapa, althaea rosea, wild flax and so on.

In 2016, Losang Jinpa built cosmetics production workshop of Tibetan medicine processing factory covering an area of 7,500 ㎡, and successfully developed a series of products refined from Tibetan medicine extracts, which opened a new chapter in his Tibetan medicine business.

Since then, hydrating mask, lipstick, shampoo and other products regarding "Zang Mingkang" as the main brand, quickly were popular in market. "Last year, we produced 2 batches of shampoo and sold more than 1,000 kg in total," said Tsering Dekyi, a quality inspector of the factory. Nowadays, this factory has become the third one in Tibet and the only one in Shannan City that has obtained the national license and certification of cosmetics production enterprises; and "Zang Mingkang" series products have become the knock-out products increasing masses' income.

In 2018, Losang Jinpa's company achieved cumulative sales revenue of 2.85 million yuan RMB and a profit of 930,000 yuan RMB, which increased 11 poor households' income by 17,000 yuan RMB each household, driven 45 people to find jobs, and benefited more than 600 people in 3 villages of Qusum Town.

58-year-old Padma Tsangjo, a local villager, planted medicine in the planting base and provided for his son studying in Nanchang University. "My family's 2000 ㎡ of land was contracted out in 2013. Planting highland barley and rape before generated income of 1000 yuan RMB/2000 ㎡. After land contracting, the amount of land contracting increased to 1,500 yuan RMB/2000 ㎡. I could get 70 yuan RMB a day's salary worked in the base, plus dividend at the end of the year, which was enough to provide for my son," she said.

Sonam Chophel, a 25-year-old college graduate, is also a worker of the company. In 2017, he worked in human resources management in here and earned a monthly salary of 3,500 yuan RMB. His father, mother and uncle were all workers here except for him. He said: "there were many families like us who all worked in the company, where the income was stable; we could earn money without leaving the village, which satisfied everyone."

"Next, we intended to expand the area of Tibetan medicine planting base to 666,667 ㎡, continue to expand production workshops, develop new Tibetan medicinal cosmetics, so as to drive more people to get rich," said Losang Jinpa.

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