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Xigaze: vegetables planting boosts income

By Zhu Nan, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2019年07月30日 09:41

After months of hard work, villagers harvest vegetables they plants in Tangru Village of Xungru Township, Saga County, Xigaze City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous. They take some cabbages home, while selling the rest to nearby villagers at below-market prices.

Tangru Village mainly develops animal husbandry; which is  difficult to plant vegetables due to the local harsh climate. In addition,  exotic vegetables are stale and expensive.

"With the help of the township party committee and the township government, we not only can eat pollution-free vegetables, but also learn the vegetable planting technology, which lets us achieve employment and increase income nearby." says Sonam Ratan, a poor villager.

Since 2017, under the help of relevant departments and the support of party and the state's poverty alleviation policies, village party branch, village committee as well as village task force have focused on industry, planting and export of labor services, and made full use of existing resources to build 10 greenhouses planting vegetables and 10 poor villagers engaged in the planting.

At the beginning of greenhouse operation, village party branch, village committee and village task force have organized technical personnel to give villagers training and guidance, which help them master more planting skills, such as growing seedlings, applying fertilizer, watering and so on.

Since March, villagers have planted cabbage, spinach, potato, pumpkin and other vegetables in the greenhouses. So far, they have picked cabbages for 3 times, with an accumulated income of 12,800 yuan RMB.

Villagers get the benefits from planting vegetables, they plan to plant some seasonal vegetables with a short growth cycle next, so as to make the best use of greenhouse and increase their income by hard work.

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