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Zangbi Town develops clothing factory to lift people out of poverty

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年07月26日 09:49

Located in Zangbi Town of Lhari County, Nagqu City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, the Zangbi Town National Handicraft Clothing Factory has been established in July 2017, which is one of the important targeted poverty alleviation industries. Being founded just over a year, its net profit has reached 700,000 yuan RMB, lifting more than 30 poor people out of poverty.

"We have worked hard to build this industry," says Kelsang Dondrup, party secretary of Zangbi Town. As a poverty-stricken town in Lhari County, the proportion of poverty-stricken households in Zangbi Town has reached 51.65% in 2015. Relying on the development of industries to promote poverty alleviation, Zangbi Town is faced with great difficulties in start-up capital.

Under the efforts of the party committee and government of Zangbi Town, a total investment of 938,600 yuan RMB is attained, which includes 500,000 yuan RMB of fund allocated by Nagqu City and 438,600 yuan RMB of transferred employment fund provided by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Lhari County.

With the funds, the skill training is guaranteed and the employment of registered poor people is also expected to achieve. Therefore, Zangbi Town works hard to develop training plans and hires professional sewing technicians to train 60 poor people in sewing skills.

At the same time, the township government providesthe production plant free of charge and rents sales outlets in the county seat of Lhari. Poor people can choose to work in the cooperative or contract orders at home.

"Life is getting better and better since I have worked in the clothing factory," says Kelsang Wangdu, a worker of the clothing factory. There are 6 people in his family, but only 2 of them have working capacity. "In the past, the family's main source of income depended on traditional animal husbandry and cordyceps digging. Now, with a regular job and a bonus at the end of every year, my annual income in the clothing factory is more than 10,000 yuan RMB."

Looking at the good operating condition of the clothing factory, Kelsang Dondrup says, "next, we will expand the clothing factory, and let older skilled workers to train the younger tailors. Apart from letting more people increase income and become rich, our traditional clothing art will be passed down at the same time."

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