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Ngari Oxygen Quality Test Center officially put into use

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年06月12日 11:07

Recently, the Ngari Oxygen Quality Test Center has been officially put into use, which is the first oxygen quality inspection and testing institution in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. With the strong support of the local government and the selfless assistance of Shaanxi Administration for Market Regulation, the construction of the center has started in 2017 with an investment of more than 1 million yuan. In May of this year, the center has obtained the qualification certificate of inspection and testing institution.

At present, there are 6 staffs in the center, all of whom have bachelor's degree. The existing laboratory covers an area of 85 square meters, with GC-2014C gas chromatograph, TG-1500 dew point instrument, chemical oxygen analyzer and other instruments and equipment, which can carry out oxygen quality detection of oxygen content, water content, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, total hydrocarbon content and other indicators.

"After the Ngari Oxygen Quality Test Center is put into use, the management system will be established and continuously improved in strict accordance with national laws and regulations, and the detection capability and management level will be constantly enhanced, so as to provide society with scientific, fair, accurate, efficient, standardized, satisfactory testing services, as well as promote the economic and social development of Ngari and ensure the health of the people." Says Chen Yandong, director general of Ngari Administration for Market Regulation.

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