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Nyemo County: cooperatives lifted people out of poverty

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年04月15日 10:10

In recent years, taking advantage of the key projects such as constructing characteristic towns and developing tourism, Tonba Town of Nyemo County constantly developed and expanded farmers and herdsmen professional cooperatives, and made solid progress in poverty alleviation.

Last year, in accordance with the needs of industrial development, Tonba Town comprehensively closed cooperatives with no obvious benefits, reconstructed and expanded cooperatives with promising benefits, and clarified the developing direction of each village's industries. After the integration of cooperatives, the Pure Land Industrial Cooperative (headquarter) of Tonba Town in Nyemo County was established, and village-level pure land industrial cooperatives (branches) were established subsequently in each village. According to statistics, last year, the output value of pure land industrial cooperatives in Nyemo County exceeded 2 million yuan RMB, driving over 100 households to increase an income of 5500 yuan RMB per household.

In addition, the management mode of "party branch + cooperatives + poor households" was established, more and more poor households owned shares in companies (cooperatives).

At the same time, the exemplary role of party members was given full play. In 2018, through positive encouragement and correct guidance of party members, 6 cooperatives were established, which played an important role in strengthening the construction of rural grassroots organizations, mobilizing the endogenous driving force of the masses and promoting poverty alleviation. In total, 25 registered poor households were lifted out of poverty, with the per capita income increasing by more than 5,500 yuan RMB.

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