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Lhasa Railway Station saw 55 thousand trips the first 9 days of "Chunyun"

By Jia Dan, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年02月11日 11:21

The Spring Festival travel rush started on Jan. 21 this year and will last for 40 days till Mar. 1, 2019. As one of the most important means of transportation in Tibet, Lhasa Railway Station will see a growing number of passengers during the holiday. According to statistics, Lhasa Railway Station has delivered over 55 thousand passengers and saw 43 thousand arrivals until Jan. 29, the first nine days of "Chunyun".

Generally speaking, train tickets are available 30 days in advance. However, it is often hard to get a ticket during the "Chunyun" period since the Spring Festival travel rush has been dubbed the world's largest annual migration as many people choose to go back home for family reunion. Therefore, some people have to wait in the ticket hall for several days to get a train ticket. As there is a large number of migrant workers in Tibet, every year starting from late November to Spring Festival, train tickets to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing will be very hot.

To improve passengers' experience, Lhasa Railway Station has adopted a series of convenience services during the 2019 travel rush period. In addition, Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company has arranged extra trains linking Chengdu to Xining every two days from Jan 28 to Feb 3. 

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