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Fastening the speed of developing Tibet tourism

By Source:​China Tibet News 2018-10-11

In recent years, the tourism industry in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region began to leap forward at a high speed and rapidly turned into the leading factor among industries of economic and social development. Besides, Tibet always focused on developing local culture while building ethnic cultural tourist attractions to promote the development of the city and bring economic benefits.

With the joint efforts of local government and people, Tibet will become a distinctive tourist destination with good environment, convenient traffic that can meet the needs of various groups in the future. According to the requirements of building tourist attractions, Tibet will concentrate on developing famous tourism brands such as Mount Everest.

In addition, since the local products from tourist attractions need to be sold, it requires a large number of working staffs, which provides working opportunities for local people and helps increasing local people’s income.[Liu Fang, He Huizhong]


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