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Spring ploughing and sowing work smoothly carried out in Shigatse

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-05-16

Up to now, 407,600 mu of spring sowing area has been completed in Shigatse City, among which the grain crop is 309,700 mu including 272,900 mu of highland barley. Oil crop is 16,500 mu. Vegetable crop is 60,900 mu including 44,200 mu of potato. The forage crop is 20,500 mu.

This year, Shigatse plans to sow 1.3967 million mu of crops including 970,000 mu of grain crop, 304,500 mu of commercial crop, and 122,200 mu of forage crop.

"It is a crucial time for spring ploughing and sowing. Agricultural technicians go to the field and guide farmers to plough and fertilize," said Nima Pianduo, a worker of the agricultural technology promotion center of Shigatse City.

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