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Tibet to build, upgrade over 1,900 public toilets

By Source:Xinhua 2017-12-08

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region will build or upgrade more than 1,900 public toilets in the next two years, local authorities said Tuesday.

The facilities will be scattered in scenic areas, counties, townships and villages, and built near roads, gas stations and in commercial zones, according to a spokesperson from the local office responsible for the "toilet revolution."

Special natural conditions such as high altitude, and lack of oxygen and water, pose challenges for the work, prompting local technicians to learn from counterparts in developed areas.

The Chinese government launched its "toilet revolution" in 2015, aiming to make the most notorious facilities cleaner and more regulated. It planned to add 33,000, and renovate 24,000 public restrooms between 2015 and 2017.

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