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The prosperity of Tibet’s national handicraft industry

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-04-14

National handicraft industry is one of Tibet's three traditional industries. As the birthplace of Tibetan nationality and cradle of Tibetan culture, Lhoka's national handicraft industry has a long history. In recent years, under the guidance and help of the party committee and government of Lhoka City, the national handicraft industry develops very fast and becomes a new channel for the local people to get rich.

The National Huaji Hand-weaving Professional Cooperative is the first farmers' professional cooperative in Lhoka. It saves the endangered Huaji hand-weaving skill, which is a rare intangible cultural heritage, creates the famous brand of "Zetie", and transfer the potential of national handicraft industry into an effective way to lead the local people to get rid of poverty.

This cooperative was founded in May 2008 and it mainly operates in the field of five-colored scarfs, art bags, and white masks which are made by Zetie.

The party committee and government of Lhoka City vigorously develops national handicraft industry, and carries on the beneficial exploration and pilot projects. Especially in recent years, in order to promote employment and lead the masses to get rich, Lhoka City adopts the business model of "company + base + farmer". At present, national handicraft industry has become a stable and safe subsidiary business for local farmers and herdsmen to increase incomes.

The prosperous development of Lhoka's national handicraft industry is owed to favorable policies, leaders' attention, government's support, important enterprises' leading role, and brand new development concept.

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