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All for the sake of the people's livelihood, Tibet enhancing people's sense of happiness

By Xu Lifang Source:China Tibet News 2017-02-17

In these days, 82-year-old Drolkar Tsomo at Bilin Village, Dem Township, Nang County is particularly happy, since she has just moved into the social welfare institute located in Nang County. She said, "It is bright and spacious here, and I have everything I need here such as TV, heating equipment etc. I am very happy and comfortable here."

Since Nang County Social Welfare Institute officially opened on Jan. 9, 2016, a total of 135 five-guaranteed elderly people who are willing for centralized support have been received. The institute purchased a series of furniture, electrical equipment, living goods etc. successively, completed the solar energy central heating system, and built up activity sunshine shed for the elderly and laundry drying space. What is more, there are full-time doctors sent by county hospital and county Tibetan hospital providing basic medical services for the elderly. "We hope that all the elderly can live here comfortablly and peacefully", said Zhang Wei, director general of Nang County Civil Affairs Bureau.

In recent years, Tibet Autonomous Region's Party Committee as well as Tibet Autonomous Region's Government have been continuously increasing the input for people’s livelihood and strenthening people's livelihood gurantee, which make people's well-being and people's sense of gain enhenced constantly. In 2016, 29 people's livelihood policies of the "ten practical things for people's livelihood" have been implemented. It is predicted that the urban residents' yearly per capita disposable income is RMB 27,875 yuan, an increase of 10%. The rural residents' yearly per capita disposable income is RMB 9,316 yuan, an increase of 13%. The rise in the CPI has been controlled within 2.4%.

In 2016, the people's livelihood career reform achieved remarkable achievements, and more and more people-benefiting measures have been put forward. Comprehensive educational reforms promote educational equality, medical treatment and public health system reforms highlight the public welfare and boost the county-level public hospitals' comprehensive reforms.

Perfecting the social security system has enhanced people's well-being. Targeted poverty-relif is promoted with steady steps.

"Party and the government have provided all we need in life, and my biggest wish now is to live happily and healthily every day", said Drolkar Tsomo siting in the yard of social welfare institute happily.

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