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Training on vegetable planting carried out in Shuanghu County

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月10日 09:49

Recently, scientific and technical personnel of the Tibet Autonomous Region Academy of Agricultural Sciences carried out a technical training on vegetable planting for farmers and herdsmen in Shuanghu County, Nagqu City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, with more than 20 people taking part in.

During the training, scientific and technical personnel closely combined with the actual situation and needs of local agricultural production, and explained knowledge about vegetable cultivation as well as prevention and control of diseases and insect pests in Tibetan language. At the same time, participants combined with their own difficulties in vegetable planting and actively consulted experts. The training effect was good.

At the greenhouse vegetable planting base of Shuanghu County, scientific and technical personnel introduced the selection of vegetable varieties, seedling breeding, field technical management, growth environment regulation, pest control and other aspects, letting participants really realize the necessity and importance of scientific vegetable planting.

The simple teaching methods and patient work attitude further narrowed the distance between scientific and technical personnel and participants. Participants hoped that experts could continue to carry out technical training on vegetable planting in Shuanghu County next year, and they also wanted to have the opportunity to visit the vegetable planting base of the Tibet Autonomous Region Academy of Agricultural Sciences to further improve the vegetable planting technology.

After the training, the scientific and technical personnel presented vegetable seeds and pesticides worth 5,000 yuan RMB to farmers and herdsmen, and reached the initial intention of scientific and technological cooperation with Shuanghu County.

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