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Luoqu: never forgets fellow villagers after getting rich

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月09日 09:48

Xainza County in Nagqu City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has an average altitude of 4,700 meters. It is cold, hypoxic, windy and snowy, with a dry climate. With harsh natural and poor traffic conditions, herdsmen in No. 7 Village of Xainza Town, Xainza County, live in penury. However, in this small village with only 213 people from 41 households, a herdsman named Luoqu leads the local masses to get on the road to prosperity.

Born in 1967, Luoqu is a native herdsman. His family has hundreds of livestock. His living conditions are relatively superior, and he can rely on animal husbandry to survive like his parents. However, he is interested in business from an early age. In 1998, he bought a walking tractor to carry out transportation in the village. In 2010, he bought a second-hand Dongfeng truck and continued to carry out transportation for three years. During this period, he also got to know some construction bosses and gradually increased his economic income. In 2015, he bought another truck.

By the end of 2016, Luoqu was already a small boss with more than 2 million yuan RMB in fixed assets. In 2016 alone, his net income reached over 600,000 yuan RMB.

After getting rich, Luoqu never forgot his fellow villagers. He was the first person that came to mind when the villagers were in trouble.

When the poor villagers needed money to build houses, he offered to sponsor them. When someone fell ill and needed money for treatment, he offered to send him to the hospital and pay for the medicine. According to incomplete statistics, he successively donated more than 30,000 yuan RMB in cash to the poor households in the village, and donated more than 60 sheep. It was common for Luoqu to help the villagers. However, he was thinking that this was not a long-term solution, and he wanted to lead the whole village to get on the road to prosperity.

On July 1, 2014, the village Party branch studied and decided to develop the specialized economic cooperative for the first time.

In the early development of the cooperative, Luoqu, as the largest shareholder, played an important role. Moreover, the sheep skin and yak skin collected by the cooperative were always sold to other areas by means of Luoqu, and the economic income of the village was gradually improved.

Then, after a detailed investigation, he found that the local transportation industry was done by merchants from Xigaze and other places. If villagers with vehicles could be mobilized to engage in transportation with him, their income also could be increased.

Before that, Luoqu had made a lot of profits in transportation, so he passed on his experience to the villagers who wanted to do transportation with him and provided them with information about his own freight.

Under his guidance, villagers including Tsering Sangzhu, Buchung, Dampa Dargye also participated in transportation, and greatly increased income. But this only lifted a few people out of poverty, and there were many more villagers who had no way to increase their income other than through cooperative dividends.

At this time, the village decided to set up the Yongzhu Construction and Service Co., Ltd. in the mode of "cooperative + company". Luoqu was the first to stand out and decided to put all his vehicles into the company. His move infected the villagers, and more people began to join in.

After a year of operation, the company's total income reached 4.05 million yuan RMB. Excluding all expenses, the company's net income reached 1.323 million yuan RMB in 2017, and 11 people were employed with an average cash income of 30,000 yuan RMB per person. Throughout the year, the company distributed holiday comforts and daily necessities worth 60,000 yuan RMB to the whole village.

In 2018, Luoqu was elected as the deputy director of the village committee. He also served as the organizing committee member of the village Party branch and chairman of the company.

From 2014 to now, Luoqu has been awarded the honorary titles of "outstanding Communist Party member", "advanced poverty alleviation leader" and "model worker". He says, "I starts my own business with the support of the government's good policies, and gradually starts from scratch to participate in Yongzhu Construction and Service Co., Ltd., all of which are inseparable from the great Communist Party and the great new era.”

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