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China-Nepal Friendship Industrial Park to begin construction

By Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月28日 09:40

As an important bridge connecting China and Nepal, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region (T.A.R.) has been maintaining a close relationship with Nepal, and made fruitful achievements in various aspects during these years, such as infrastructure connectivity, good atmosphere of production capacity cooperation, as well as deepening cooperative mechanism of bilateral trade. In order to grasp the development opportunity of "the Belt and Road", T.A.R. takes Lhasa Economic and Technological Zone as the main carrier and jointly builds the China-Nepal Friendship Industrial Park with Nepal, to continuously expand south Asian market. In October of this year, the launching ceremony of China-Nepal Friendship Industrial Park was held in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Nepal, these two countries have maintained a mutually beneficial and friendly relationship for a long time, and made great developments in trade, investment, engineering contracting, economic & technological cooperation and other aspects.

The construction of China-Nepal Friendship Industrial Park indicates the cooperation between China and Nepal being promoted greatly under "the Belt and Road Initiative". The park plans rationally about its industrial distribution by following the trend of global industrial structure adjustment, grasping domestic macroeconomic policies and marketing demand, and relying on the advantages of resource, environment, and transportation.

According to relevant plans, in the early stage, the park will focus on the development of textile clothing, food processing, white-goods manufacturing and other leading industries. Through attracting internal and external investment, it introduces and cultivates a number of industrial leading enterprises with remarkable benefits and influences. In the middle stage, the park will actively cultivate transportation manufacturing, electronic information and other modern service industries, and through constructing industrial development support system to promote the effective connection of whole industrial chain. In the later stage, the park will develop the remaining industries like business service, life service, cultural entertainment, scientific research and logistics, to create a better industrial development atmosphere, perfect public service system and form a trend of agglomeration development.

At present, the project has completed all the approval work and has been successfully launched. Next, it will officially enter the construction stage of core area according to its process.

After a detailed analysis of the Nepal industries development status and the park's requirements of the industrial types, China-Nepal Friendship Industrial Park plans to do targeted connection with the key enterprises that to be introduced, and gradually carry out the investment attraction work. In domestic, the park plans to make full use of resources advantage and provide supports to the investment attraction work with the help of relevant organizations; in abroad, the park plans to closely connect with the Nepali and Chinese enterprises, attracting more local companies.

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