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Kangmar County promotes development of agricultural and animal husbandry cooperatives

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月07日 10:05

In recent years, Kangmar County of Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has taken the development of specialized cooperative economic organizations for farmers and herdsmen as an important way to improve the level of animal husbandry development and increase herdsmen's income. Up to now, 236 cooperatives in 47 administrative villages in the county have attracted 3,211 households to become shareholders.

Through increasing publicity efforts, more than 20 promotion meetings and 50 villagers' meetings have been held to conduct special studies on the formation and development of cooperatives, and lay a solid mass foundation for the expansion of cooperatives.

Give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of village Party organizations Party members, the village "two committees", first secretary, and Party members take the lead in undertaking director, legal person and members of cooperatives, becoming shareholders, and guiding the masses to become shareholders in the form of cash, land, livestock and equipment, so as to transform resources into assets, capital into shares, and farmers into shareholders.

By adjusting measures to local conditions, identifying the market, and giving full play to its own advantages, the highland barley production and processing, rape planting and other characteristics planting cooperatives are established. In addition, there are characteristic breeding cooperatives, ethnic characteristic tourist souvenir making cooperatives, specialized cooperatives focusing on characteristic shale stone processing, and other cooperatives aiming to organize and drive farmers and herdsmen to get rid of poverty and increase income continuously.

Besides, Kangmar County further promotes the establishment of demonstration cooperatives, improves the evaluation index system of specialized cooperatives for farmers and herdsmen, explores ways to carry out evaluation of demonstration cooperatives, and gives preferential policy support to cooperatives with good credit. At the same time, the county carefully sums up the experience and practices of improving the quality of cooperatives and establishing demonstration cooperatives, sets up a number of farmers and herdsmen cooperatives with sound systems and standardized operation, and increases publicity and promotion efforts.

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