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Kelsang Dorje: a foregoer leading Chimedlong villagers to get rich

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月04日 09:53

Chimedlong Village of Deqen Town, Doilungdeqen District, Lhasa City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, used to be a poor village. In recent years, under the party's policy of benefiting the people, Chimedlong Village has undergone great changes.

Kelsang Dorje, a villager of Chimedlong Village, chooses to go back to his hometown to start a business after graduating from college. Through unremitting efforts, he has led more registered poor households to get rid of poverty and get rich.

After graduating from college, Kelsang Dorje didn't choose to be a civil servant like other graduates, but devoted himself to his dream. In December 2014, he founded the Tibet Pucanglianji Local Specialty Development Co., Ltd..

As a large village with agriculture as its pillar industry, Chimedlong Village had more than 400 hectares of arable land, with large output of agricultural products and sufficient labor force. However, due to the slow pace of agricultural industrialization, it had not really given full play to the economic advantages of big agriculture, as a result, agricultural and sideline products cannot be further developed, and farmers and herdsmen have relatively single channels to increase income.

In order to effectively utilize the advantages of Chimedlong Village's agriculture and increase the added value of agricultural products through processing and packaging, Kelsang Dorje came to relevant provinces and cities outside Tibet to learn the processing technology of agricultural products as well as the processing and refining technology of rapeseed oil.

After coming back, he began to build the rapeseed oil processing plant on his own homestead. With no experience in building factories, he almost traveled all the major construction sites and building materials markets in Lhasa and asked about all the processing enterprises of similar nature. After he returned, he gradually built the plant by himself.

In order to increase the income of local farmers and herdsmen, he employed many local poor households who did not have the experience and technology to build the plant, so he often needed to teach them. However, he still insisted on employing local villagers. After the factory was built, everything began to get on the right track. All raw materials were purchased locally, which brought about 1.22 million yuan RMB of income to farmers and herdsmen every year, provided many jobs, and helped 20 poor households get rid of poverty.

Kelsang Dorje actively encourages other villagers to join the team of entrepreneurship. Now he has become a famous local foregoer in getting rich, making contributions to building a more beautiful Chimedlong Village.

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