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Zam Hydropower Station generates exceeding 10 million kW•h/day

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年10月22日 09:40

On September 19, China Huaneng Group (GHNG) Zam Hydropower Station achieves a daily generating energy of over 10 million kW·h, which opens a new chapter in the development of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region's electric power.

Since the flood season this year, the Southwest Branch of State Grid and Tibet Electric Power Co., Ltd. have seized favorable opportunity to strengthen operation and management of the company and improve transmission capacity of AC and DC trans-provincial trading channels. At the same time, the company has actively striven for the policy of power transmission from Tibet, and implemented measures such as "electricity assistance to Tibet plus the market", which have effectively reduced the region's electricity from surplus water and light, and significantly improved Tibet's absorptive capacity to clean energy. As the main rotating and trans-provincial trading power station in Tibet, Zam Hydropower Station has strengthened the maintenance, operation and management of power generation equipment, ensuring good operation equipment and stable output of clean electricity.

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