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Traveling to Tibet, experiencing unique culture

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年10月18日 09:56

Dekyi Tibetan Family Inn is located in Naiqung Town of Tohlung Dechen District, Lhasa City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Here, tourists could wear Tibetan clothes, make buttered tea, dance "Guozhuang" (Tibetan circle dance) and make Tibetan incenses. Based on local culture and folk custom, this experience-based tourism marks the in-depth development of cultural tourism industry. 

Following the mode of "government + enterprises + cooperatives", Dekyi Tibetan Family Inn represents a new type of homestay, which realizes local people working at home and getting rid of poverty.

With the convenient geographic location, Dekyi Tibetan Family Inn is adjacent to No. 109 National Highway and Qinghai-Tibet railway, and is the only way to Nam Co Lake and Yangbajain. It is in Shangshung Metog Ecological Tourism Cultural Industrial Park. "Centering on running Tibetan family inns, we have built a tourism destination including homestay, characteristic catering, sightseeing and shopping, which meets tourists’ demands for food, housing, transportation, traveling and entertainment," says Jiang Xiaoli, who is in charge of Dekyi Tibetan family inn.

Dekyi Tibetan Family Inn has received over 40,000 tourists since it opened in May of 2018, realizing a gross output value of almost 4 million yuan RMB. In addition, through the employment, the selling of agricultural by-products and handicrafts, as well as the distribution of bonus from family inns, 408 relocated people from 100 households have been lifted out of poverty and realized sustainable development. 

Tourists not only experience traditional Tibetan culture but also explore Shangshung relics. 

Tibetan incense is the symbol of Tibetan culture. Tourists could make Tibetan incenses in Dekyi Tibetan family inn, and send them to their friends as souvenirs from Tibet. "I didn't know how to make Tibetan incenses. Today, I learn it from locals and could knead them into different shapes. It was so interesting,” says a tourist. 

Various ethnic cultural activities including writing Tibetan calligraphy, making Tibetan masks, tasting Tibetan cuisine and dancing “Guozhuang” (Tibetan circle dance) also attract lots of tourists to take part in. 

Kelzang Lodro, who is engaged in making Tibetan masks, says, "I come from Shannan. And make a living by teaching tourists how to make masks here. Now, I earn more than 4,000 yuan RMB monthly.”

"Tibet's delicious sweet tea, simple and unsophisticated folkway, the room with a view of stars at night...... All these are amazing. I will add Dekyi Tibetan Family Inn to the tour lines and introduce it to my family and friends," says Zhang Xiangyang, a Dekyi Tibetan Family Inn's guest, from China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. 

"Drinking buttered tea, tasting local featured food and dancing "Guozhuang" with local residents provide a unique experience for visitors," says a worker of Dekyi Tibetan Family Inn.

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