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Cultural tourism booms in Nangxian County

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年10月17日 09:55

There are currently two ways from Nyingchi to Lhasa: the No. 318 national highway directly or the No. 306 provincial highway going Nyingchi - Shannan - Lhasa, which takes about 10 hours.

"If people choose the second line, they will pass Nangxian County known for rich culture and tourism resources, though the way is long and winding," says a tourist who has traveled to Nangxian County.

With Nyingchi to the east and Shannan to the west, Nangxian County, meaning "a propitious place" in Tibetan, is an important city on the east loop tour line (Lhasa - Nyingchi - Shannan - Lhasa).

Nangxian County is located in Dakpo area (name in history). Influenced by the culture of Gongbo and Yarlung, Dakpo people created the unique Dakpo culture. Here, travelers could enjoy the original ecology dance and unique forest scenery.

With the improvement of transport facilities, there is an increasing number of tourists prefer to travel along the No. 306 provincial highway.

In order to better present ecological environment and unique culture, Nangxian County has focused on the improvement of tourist facilities in scenic spots. In addition, based on its ecological tourism resources, the county has promoted cultural tourism through holding peach blossom festival and Dakpo cultural festival. Its public Wechat platform “Nangxian County's Tourism” has released a total of 37 tourism news, too.

"People have heard of Latok Lake for a long time. Now, we get the chance to travel to this lake. How beautiful the lake is! We see the original ecological performance and take pictures with the 1,000-year old walnut tree. It is a rewarding trip." says Mrs. Dai from southwest China's Sichuan Province.

In terms of tourism safety, the county has done a comprehensive check on the cleanliness and sanitation of hotels and fire safety of the whole county. Up to now, it has received 203,200 tourists, generating 76.433 million yuan RMB revenue, up 54.39% and 51.73% respectively. Nangxian County's tourism is predicted to enjoy great popularity in the future.

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