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'Da' Badro's story of poverty alleviation

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月26日 11:19

Badro was born and raised in a poor family in Zagor Village of Luntse County, Shannan of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Facing the heavy life pressure, he went to work  to support his familywhen he was  very young. 

At the beginning, I worked as a porter or a mason in Lhasa and Xigaze. "My name is Badro. At that time, I looked strong and worked hard. Therefore, other workers called me 'Da' Badro. 'Da' means tiger in Tibetan, refering to a man as strong as a tiger, "says Badro. 

As Badro was honest and capable, he mastered the procedure and the technique of construction work only after a few years. In this way, he also accumulated both experience and contacts.

With the rapid development of economy, the labor market boomed after 1997. Badro wanted to do his own business, thus returned to his hometown and organized some young villagers to undertake construction work. In 1999, Zagor Farmers and Herdsmen's Construction Team was founded. Badro's business has developed steadily since then. Now, the number of workers increases from only seven or eight to over 650. His business covers construction, hotel service, greenhouse planting, cow breeding and commercial trade.

Badro became the first one who get rich in the village. He didn't forget two things which drove him to continue working hard. One was to join the Communist Party of China (CPC), and the other was to help other villagers to become rich. 

Badro joined the CPC in 2005. In order to enhance the team's cohesiveness and play a vanguard role, he actively applied to establish Luntse County's first non-public enterprise Party branch, which helped to strengthen the internal unity.

"Setting up a Party branch played an important role as a fighting bastion, which also helped the poor and encouraged the villagers to be self-reliant and to pursue common prosperity," says Badro. 

Aiming at bringing more people benefiting from the development of industry, Badro's construction team has employed over 100 people from impoverished households. Now, they earn 40,000 annually. In addition, he has established a series of economic entities including vegetable planting cooperative, dairy farming cooperative and Longzihe Hotel, which go well and provide working posts for over 100 poor households. These workers' per capita monthly income reaches 2,500 yuan RMB to 4,000 yuan RMB. For consecutive years, Badro has been rated as "an excellent member of the Communist Party of China" in Luntse County and Shannan City for his contributions.

"Don't forget the well-diggers when you drink from this well." Badro also actively participates in helping the poor and education. He has donated a total of 6.55 million yuan RMB worth of materials for the poor, more than one million yuan RMB for retired veteran cadres, over 1.5 million yuan RMB to improve the education facilities in rural schools, more than 200,000 yuan RMB to students from impoverished families and four million yuan RMB to over 40 impoverished households......

Badro always helps those in need. He has become "the warmest person" to poor people in Luntse County for many years; there are many silk banners in his office. Water happened to leak in Tsering Wangyal's house in June of 2016, and several repairs have not helped, but it is difficult for Tsering Wangyal to build a new house. "Badro knew my situation and sent the building materials and the construction team to help me build the house," says Tsering Wangyal, who is grateful to Badro after this.

Today, although Badro is successful in his business, he doesn't want to retire. He still wants to work hard and develop the business of poverty alleviation. "All I achieved are given by the Party and supported by the people. I will devote myself into the original intention of helping the poor," says Badro. 

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