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Yongzhong Gyacai: realizing entrepreneurship dream with hard working

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月25日 10:27

In Nyainrong County of Nagqu City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, there is such a group of herdsmen who are unwilling to spend their lives in mediocrity. They want to get rid of poverty and get rich through their own efforts, drive employment through entrepreneurship, drive poverty alleviation through employment, and make their hometown a hot place for economic development.

Yongzhong Gyacai, born in Nyima Town of Nyainrong County, is now in charge of a printing company.

In 2012, Yongzhong Gyacai just started his second year of high school. However, due to illness, he had to drop out of school and stay at home. During two years of recuperation, he felt wandered, hesitated, and confused when looking at the students have their own studies and careers.

"Without a job, I can't stay idle and depend on my parents all the time." Yongzhong Gyacai thought about doing some business.

After visiting and investigating, Yongzhong Gyacai found that the local people and students in Nyima Town often needed to print and copy things, but no one in the township at that time ran such stores. This was a rare business opportunity. Yongzhong Gyacai had been exposed to these devices during his school days and knew something about them, so he decided to set up a printing company to fill the gap in the market.

After communicating and discussing with his family, Yongzhong Gyacai's parents agreed with his idea. With a sum of start-up capital provided by his parents, he set up his own company as he wished.

On July 9, 2018, Jinda Printing Co., Ltd. was registered, which was mainly engaged in color printing, photocopying, photography, selling student supplies, Thangka customization, short-sleeve customization, advertising production, Tibetan translation and other businesses.

In order to make the company more professional and make himself more excellent, Yongzhong Gyacai participated in the study of China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center and obtained the certificate of SYB course. This year the company moved to a new site which was closer to the county seat and with a larger size.

With the development of the company,Yongzhong Gyacai decided to expand more businesses and drive more people to get rich together.

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