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Tibet Young Entrepreneurs Association established

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月06日 12:32

Recently, the Tibet Young Entrepreneurs Association has been established.

Now the association has 37 members, covering more than 20 industries such as construction, building materials, logistics, machinery and equipment, and tourism development, which has strong economic strength and influence.

Drolkar, the first president of the directors board of the association, says, "in the future, the association will actively explore new ways of resource integration, join hands with member enterprises to carry out strong alliance, and conduct strategic restructuring by means of acquisition, merger, association, equity participation and holding, so as to realize the sharing of complementary resources, make member enterprises bigger and stronger, and further enhance their comprehensive strength and competitiveness. At present, the association has established the party branch, which will give full play to its political core role, and the party members' vanguard role.”

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