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Gyitang Town, new name card of Qamdo

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月03日 21:35

Gyitang Town, located in Chagyab County of Qamdo, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is a characteristic town with a complete infrastructure system equipped with government agencies, schools and hospitals. 

"Beautiful and livable Gyitang is also suitable for developing tourism," the head of Chagyab County says. 

Gyitang Town is one of the four characteristic towns in Qamdo and listed as a model characteristic town by Tibet Autonomous Region. Following the planning idea of “hot spring resort leisure, ecological agriculture and forestry tourism, Khampa cultural station, and aerodrome logistical park", Gyitang makes full use of Khampa culture and mainly develops residential zones, infrastructure, public service, business and industry. Among them, the construction area of residential zones, infrastructure, and public service amounts to 40,100㎡. 

"Living here is so comfortable. Garbage landfill, flood discharge channel and other facilities make the environment clean and tidy. Parks, schools and hospitals provide convenience for us locals. What's more, we could work and make money here," says Sonam Drolkar, who lives in Gyitang Town.

During the process of developing this characteristic town, Chagyab County adopts several measures to encourage local poor people to take part in the construction. After finishing the training of construction work, Sonam Drolkar works at the construction site and earns 120 to 300 yuan RMB a day. 

The per capita disposable income of farmers and herdsmen in Gyitang Town increased from 1,088 yuan RMB in 1998 to 10,200 yuan RMB in 2018. As the tourism industry booms, the locals earn more money, according to the head of Chagyab County. 

Gyitang Town is known for Drolma Hot Spring, but it is not the only attractive scenic spot.

In recent years, with unique natural conditions, Gyitang Town has developed local characteristic industries, such as industrial park and ecological fruit orchards. Tourists pick fruits and vegetables from these ecological orchards and greenhouses.

In addition, Gyitang Town will develop homestay tourism. When the rear service zone of Qamdo civil aviation opens, tourists will be able to exchange for boarding pass through self-service machine in the town. Eastern Tibet Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park of the town, consisting of ecological agriculture and forestry tourism, training and agricultural scientific research, will definitely attract more tourists. Gyitang Town will become a new name card of Qamdo soon. 

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