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Benevolent enterprise donates solar street lamps to Xigaze

By Zhu Nan, Tenzin Sydron Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月29日 09:41

Recently, Red Cross Society of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region and Guangdong Zhengxiang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. have held a gratuitous donation ceremony of solar street lamps in Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. These lamps are donated to 1,673 villages, with the value of 12.5 million yuan RMB.

According to the responsible person of Xigaze People's Government, with the deepening of poverty alleviation work, farmers and herdsmen's lives have undergone enormous changes, the rural living environment has been continually improved, and villagers' sense of fulfillment and happiness have been constantly increased. However, Xigaze City as a southwest border city of China, has 1 district, 17 counties, 204 townships and 1,673 administrative villages. Its vast territory, scattered living environment, as well as lacking of the public lighting, have seriously affected people's production, life and night safety. Therefore, the donation has benefited more people and improved their living standard.

On the ceremony, Li Tingyan from the company says that they actively promotes poverty alleviation work while developing itself, focuses on charity, and plans to donate 5 solar street lamps to Xigaze City's each village, with a total of 8,365 lamps.

"The donated street lamps are specially designed for the courtyard, which provide lighting mainly converted from solar energy. The lamps are very suitable for the Tibetan-style courtyard, especially remote agricultural and pastoral areas." Li Tingyan says.

"During the installation of the street lamps, the government will actively cooperate and give support to help workers complete the installation early. Meanwhile, the government will maintain the normal operation of these street lamps to benefit local people," says responsible person of the government.

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