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A family of Tibetan and Han

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月28日 09:49

As the saying goes, separated as we are thousands of miles apart, we come together as if by predestination. Where there is love, there is home.

As the sun shines, Lhasa, an ancient city with a long history, begins to usher in a beautiful day, and every place in the city is busy up. Tseten Yangjen and her husband Ann Jiayin, who live in Tsemon Ling Community, also start their daily lives. By convention, 56-year-old Tseten Yangjen cleans the house and makes a steaming pot of buttered tea.

Looking at his wife busying around the house, 62-year-old Ann Jiayin is also a restless person, and helps his wife take good care of the granddaughter at home.

Fate lets us know each other and fall in love

Their love story has started in 1997. An Jiayin, who is from Dayi County of Sichuan Province, is a carpenter at a construction site in Nagqu. Because of his good manners and personality, as well as his excellent carpentry skills, he is very popular. Tseten Yangjen, who comes from Lhasa and works at the construction site, is also popular among workers because of her hard-working attitude and helpful personality. Noticing this, the boss of the construction site plays matchmaker for them and makes it.

Beautiful love is blessed by the family

"At that time, my two sisters were very opposed to the relationship and I didn't get their blessing. But in 2009, when I took my wife back home, my family were impressed by Tseten Yangjen's diligence and kindness, and my two sisters finally accepted their sister-in-law." An Jiayin says proudly.

Fortunately, An Jiayin don't drink and is very considerate to Tseten Yangjen. Seeing this, Tseten Yangjen's father gladly accepts his son-in-law.

With the blessing of their families, they begin to live a better life. An Jiayin works at the construction site in summer, and makes Tibetan furniture at the firewood trading center of Lhasa in winter, achieving a balance between love and work.

Thank you for meeting you in my life

"She is my eyes before the operation. She accompanies me wherever I go, and does not have a complaint at all." From An Jiayin's simple words, reporters know that he has had a cataract surgery in 2017. Since then, Tseten Yangjen has been taking care of him. After the cataract surgery, he begins to help around the house, where his family can often eat his authentic Sichuan dishes. When Tseten Yangjen suffers from arthropathy, An Jiayin is her obligatory crutch.

There is no romance in their lives of the kind young people now admire. A steaming bowl of buttered tea, an authentic Sichuan dish, good care during illness, and their devotion to each other over the past two decades, are all their romance. The true meaning of life is just like this. (Video: Tseten Dorje, Sonam Wangdu)

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