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A creative space at Quxu’s little village

By Liu Fang, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月27日 11:07

With strong entrepreneurial atmosphere and flourishing rural industry, the Mass Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Siji Jixiang village, Quxu County of Lhasa City, capital southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has gathered 22 cooperatives to help local people understand relevant policies, professional technologies, and broaden market channels.

After graduation in 2015, 26-year-old Kelsang Dekyi has studied Tibetan medicine in Canina Town of Quxu County. Through gathering local entrepreneurial resources and providing entrepreneurial services, she has cultivated a group of e-commerce entrepreneurial pioneers, expanded the main body of new agricultural operations, and embarked on a sustainable rural e-commerce development path based on ecology, local feature and integrated industries. “Helping more villagers to increase their income by starting my own business is my job now; and working in the creative space is convenient for me to take care of the elderly and children of my family.” Kelsang Dekyi says.

Thanks to hard work and diligent study, Kelsang Dekyi has worked for the villagers and actively promoted the spirit of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”. In order to stimulate villagers’ working potential, she has visited every household and guided them to get rich on their own, which has received positive results. What she has done has opened up a vast employment space for the local to set foundations of life.

With an investment of 700,000 yuan RMB, Penpa Tibetan Clothing Sewing Cooperative is one of the incubation bases in the village.  It mainly engages in fashion designing, sewing, producing and selling. After a two-year operation, the cooperative, which makes contributions to the inheritance of outstanding ethnic culture, has effectively promoted the employment of villagers from local relocated households, even some local disabled and the old people.

29-year-old Norbu Tsering has studied Thangka painting for 18 years. After the village's relocation, he has entered in the creative space and established a cooperative; he has set up working offices in the village to increase the villagers' participation. His cooperative provides a platform for young people to learn Thangka skills for free, which not only drives people to increase their income, but also preserves and inherits the traditional Thangka painting skill.

At present, cooperatives at the creative space carry out in a very successful way with higher entrepreneurial income. An entrepreneurial innovation model of “Internet + Village Maker” has been established, and thanks to the creative space, local income is steadily increasing every year,.

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