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Nyingchi promotes college graduates’ employment and entrepreneurship

By Zhu Nan, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月09日 09:44

Employment is the livelihood foundation. Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has always given high priority to college graduates' employment and entrepreneurship, carried out the "five one" (one network, one card, one home, one journal and one mechanism) construction, and maintained college graduates' employment and entrepreneurship situation stable.

One network, Nyingchi City builds employment and entrepreneurship service network for college graduates. They can enjoy the file search, fund application, policy guidance, resources obtaining, job applications and other services from the network. Up to now, the network has been officially launched; 3,251 users have used this platform to learn about information on file search, subsidy application as well as employment and entrepreneurship.

One card, Nyingchi City makes a "one-to-one" service card for college graduates according to the assistance work deployment. Nyingchi City clarifies the basic situation and employment intention of leading cadres and college graduates, which  provides assistance procedures, policy guidance and job services for them, so as to ensure that all college graduates with employment intention realize the multi-channel employment. Since now, 213 previous unemployed college graduates from registered poor households and other 1,774 previous unemployed college graduates have found jobs.

One home, Nyingchi City has successfully guided counties (district) to establish "online + offline home for college graduates", which provides all-round services such as policy publicity and consultation, job docking, entrepreneurship guidance and assistance. Since its establishment, it has provided various consulting and guidance services for more than 2,000 college graduates from Nyingchi, and helped over 600 college graduates find jobs.

One journal, Nyingchi successfully discovers entrepreneurship advanced deeds of 8 college graduates from local place and compiled the special journal for college graduates' employment and entrepreneurship. The journal introduces typical entrepreneurs' entrepreneurship experiences and the region's latest employment and entrepreneurship policies through illustrated form, so as to create a strong atmosphere  to college graduates' entrepreneurship, and guide unemployed college graduates to actively participate in entrepreneurship.

Onemechanism, Nyingchi City builds supervision mechanism, gives full play to the leading groups' coordinating role for college graduates' employment and entrepreneurship, and supervises counties'  (district) situation in employment and entrepreneurship, regularly report as well as exchange work.

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