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Tibet to carry out health poverty alleviation project in 2019

By Zhu Shan, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2019年07月04日 09:56

According to the Health Commission of Tibet Autonomous Region, the health poverty alleviation work has achieved remarkable results since the health poverty alleviation work was launched in 2019. This year, health commissions at all levels in Tibet will improve the weak links in deep poverty-stricken areas' health services, and make every effort to implement the health poverty alleviation project.

This year, the region will carry out the basic medical insurance for the impoverished people in agricultural and pastoral areas. We should adhere to the basic and bottom line of medical care, and keep the proportion of medical expenses of poor people in agricultural and pastoral areas within 10%. By carrying out precise treatment for major and chronic diseases, we comprehensively promote the special treatment for major diseases. 9 categories and 15 subcategories of diseases have been on the list of special treatment. Now, 13 extra subcategories of women's two cancers, lung cancer and pneumoconiosis, chosen by the state, have been included in this scope. The special treatment of major diseases has been extended to 28 subcategories of diseases. The special treatment will cover all diseases that have great influence on the masses.

On the existing basis, we should strengthen the signing service of family doctor. The contracted medical services will involve all poor families in Tibet. Standardized management and services for patients with chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and tuberculosis, will be strengthened. We should reinforce the construction of county hospitals and Tibetan hospitals in poverty-stricken areas, and support the standardization construction of township hospitals and village clinics. All townships and administrative villages in the region will have standard health centers.

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