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Nagqu promotes employment through multiple channels

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年06月06日 10:23

Since 2019, Nagqu City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has fully implemented all major policies and plans on poverty alleviation made by the Party Central Committee and Tibet Autonomous Region and achieved remarkable achievements in promoting employment under local situation.

Nagqu City has promoted the construction of information platform and updated data to ensure accurate information on employment and skills training, formulated training plans involving 18 working types, adopted various methods in carrying out training courses, and provided jobs for local people in line with labor demands.

Currently, 1,312 among 4,455 people in need have already received different trainings for free; 8,329 among 11,537 available working posts have been taken.

Background: In the whole year of 2018, Nagqu City has focused on promoting employment and skills training and helped 38,638 people from poor families to find jobs, which has increased their income by 463 million yuan RMB.

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