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Mainling promotes integrated development of agriculture and tourism

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年04月11日 09:50

In recent years, on the basis of maintaining industrial function of agriculture and animal husbandry, Mainling County of Nyingchi City has exploited and utilized tourism resources, combined agricultural and rural development with tourism industry development, and promoted rural revitalization.

Mainling County has supported farmers and herdsmen to make full use of their houses and courtyards to develop leisure tourism, such as Tibetan featured agritainments and "picking gardens", which not only enables tourists to experience traditional Tibetan people's lives, but also increases farmers and herdsmen's income. In recent years, Mainling County has carried out the construction of boutique family inns with local characteristics relying on transportation and tourism resource advantage of Qabnag Village, Tashi Rabten Village and Pai Village. Its emphasis has placed on upgrading and renovating the original family inns to achieve the improvement of service facilities and tourism services. So far, among all 109 family inns in the county, 103 are star-rated.

Mainling County has continued to improve rural tourism service infrastructures and build beautiful countryside through building cultural activity squares, parking lots and others, as well as "toilet revolution". In addition, it has implemented planting projects such as flower planting base, fruit planting base and artificial forage planting base. It has also insisted on innovating development mode in the process of integrated development of agriculture and tourism, so that the masses have more opportunities to participate in and get benefits.

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