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Lhasa provided over 50,000 working posts in 2018

By Liu Fang, ZhuShan Source:China Tibet News 2019年03月08日 09:42

Thanks to the jobs-first strategy and proactive employment policy, Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, provided 51,100 working posts last year, of which 18,500 were new urban jobs. In 2018, 171,000 surplus labor forces in agricultural and pastoral areas got jobs in towns and cities, generating a labor service income of 471 million yuan RMB. The registered urban unemployment rate was kept within 2.2% and "zero-employment families" were dynamically wiped off. In addition, the employment rate of college graduates in 2018 reached 89.66%. The guaranteeing funding for startups among college graduates amounted to 30 million yuan RMB. 

According to the city's Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Lhasa will continue the construction of the social security card online service and the standardized archives warehouse, too. 

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