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2019 Tibetan New Year Gala scheduled to be aired on Feb 3

By Jia Dan, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年02月02日 12:00

According to the director group, recording of the 2019 Losar Gala (the traditional Tibetan New Year Gala) has been finished in Lhasa which is scheduled to be aired on Feb 3, 2019.

After several rounds of selection by experts, 42 programs spotlighting the unique characters of Tibet have been chosen to be on the stage with various art forms, including singing and dancing, acrobatics shows, cross-talk shows and magic shows. The gala will be broadcast in both Tibetan and Chinese while each version has its own highlight.

Over 500 artists from folk art troupes as well as professional groups will perform during the gala, such as the Song and Dance Ensemble of TAR, the Tibetan Opera Ensemble of TAR and the Modern Drama Troupe of TAR. 

Meanwhile, some hot topics, such as poverty alleviation, reform and opening-up and the 60th anniversary of the founding of Xizang Minzu University, will be displayed in the programs of the gala.

Original folkloric dance has always been the important part in each year's Tibetan New Year Gala. This year's gala will witness intangible cultural heritage elements from Shannan City's. "We hope that, with this platform, the original folkloric dance with Tibetan characteristics can be spread to more viewers around the world." said Phurbu, general producer of the 2019 Tibetan New Year Gala.

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