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Xigaze City expands leading enterprises to alleviate local poverty

By Source:China Tibet News 2019年01月02日 16:38

In recent years, Xigaze City actively cultivated local leading enterprises so as to inject impetus into the poverty alleviation work in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. The city set up 19 companies for poverty alleviation, introduced a large number of enterprises with advanced technologies and industrial advantages such as Shouguang Vegetable Industry Group from Shandong Province, founded several ethnic handicraft companies, and updated poverty alleviation models like "company + base (cooperative) + farmer" to increase local villagers’ income.

In this process, Xigaze City’s counties (district) achieved fine economic results in alleviating local poverty.

Sangzhutse District’s modern agricultural development cooperative provided working opportunities for 1,087 poor villagers from 280 households, developed characteristic agricultural products brand like “Dongkar Potato”. In 2017, the profit of the cooperative reached 4.33 million yuan RMB (about 628,712 U.S. dollars). In 2018, it was expected to exceed 5.1 million yuan RMB (about 740,515 U.S. dollars). Relying on the advantages of local vegetable industry, the per capita income of Bainang County had been greatly increased. Other counties in Xigaze including Gyangze County, Yadong County, Kangmar County, Rinbung County also transformed traditional patterns of local poverty alleviation to get rid of poverty.[Jia Dan, He Huizhong]


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