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Tibetan culture epic drama Princess Wencheng catches tourists' eyes

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-09-17

On the evening of September 8, guests from home and abroad enjoyed the large-scale Tibetan culture epic drama Princess Wencheng at an open-air theater in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.


Based on the history, the drama tells the love story of Princess Wencheng in Tang Dynasty and the Tibetan King Songtsan Gambo, which perfectly maintained and improved the friendship between Han and Tibetan.


With the highest elevation, largest scale, the most spectacular scenes as well as the most stunning Tibetan culture under the starry nights of Lhasa, this live-action is a great eye feast to all the audiences.


After the performance, a tourist from Sichuan said,“The drama has become a must-see classic for tourists in Tibet. I hope that Tibet will create more excellent art works like this to show Tibetan culture to people around the world”.[Jia Dan,He Huizhong]


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