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Zanda County promotes trademark strategy development

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-08-09

Zanda Countyin Ngari Prefecture of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has actively promoted the trademark strategy along with paying more attention to the work ideas of developing agriculture. The county develops specialty product trademark so as to achieve a higher living standard for local farmers. At present, seven trademarks were approved by Zanda County Bureau of Commerce.

In view of the characteristic of featured products and abundant resources at Zanda County, its relevant departments sorted out the geographical indication resources with the certification trademark attributes and increased registration measures.

Zanda County has vigorously developed its specialty products through various exhibition platforms, too. Meanwhile it set up online sales platforms, such as Taobao. In addition, the regional market has been fully tapped, the distribution chains has been extended at Zanda. Actually a three-dimensional marketing strategy has been initially constructed to give new impetus into the development of some characteristic industries. [Liu Fang, He Huizhong]

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