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Tibet promotes mental health construction

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-07-31

Leading by Red Cross Society, the "Snow Plateau Psychological Escort Project" has started in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region recently. It is expected that 400 psychological workers will be trained in the next year to help the construction of mental health resources in Tibet.

Mental health is an important part of health, which refers to a good state of people's cognition, emotion, and behavior in the process of growth and development. Strengthening mental health service is not only an inherent requirement for leading a good social fashion, but also an important guarantee to achieve the goal of struggle. The Red Cross Society pays high attention to mental health service, which is very important to enrich the mental health service in Tibet.

In recent years, the Health and Family Planning Commission has paid great attention to and vigorously promoted the work of mental health service in Tibet. In order to promote the mental health of the people from all ethnic groups, many mental health activities have been held in various departments and schools, which have achieved positive results. However, mental health resources are relatively scarce in Tibet, only a few hospitals are equipped with mental health facilities and professionals, which is far below the national average.

In order to meet the needs that are about mental health services of carders and masses of all nationalities, the national laws on mental health are implemented, which improves the pertinence, effectiveness as well as operability of mental health services.

All units and departments should take part in the work of mental health service in Tibet. Introducing and training professionals enhances mental health services. Building a counseling room aims to provide advisory services. Innovating propaganda methods aims at popularizing knowledge of mental health. Adhering to the classification and implementation of mental health services adopts different service measures for different groups, such as young students, teachers and workers.  [Liu Fang, Zhu Nan]

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