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Lhasa's first sports meeting kicked off

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2018-05-08

Recently, Lhasa's first sports meeting sponsored by Lhasa government, municipal Bureau of Sports and municipal Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau will be hosted in Lhasa cultural and sports center from April 28 to May14.

Themed on "extending national fitness activities, building a beautiful Lhasa filled with happiness", this sports meeting consists of eight events and 54 sports including the track and field, basketball, football, swimming and bicycles. In addition, this event also covers many traditional folk sports. During the sports meeting, additional buses will be added, which is convenient for the masses to come to watch the competitions. 

Since the foundation of Lhasa Municipal Bureau of Sports on October of 2016, it has hosted a various of sports events. Almost 150,000 people participate in theses activities annually. 

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