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Exhibition of cultural &creative works with Tibetan features kicked off in Nanjing

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2018-05-07

The exhibition of high-quality cultural &creative products with Tibetan characteristics will be held in Nanjing, capital city of east China's Jiangsu Province, on May 4. There will be nine activities such as Tibetan dancing, singing, and trading exhibition for cultural & creative products with Tibetan features on this exhibition, through which audiences could experience Tibetan culture in an all-around way. In addition, five halls with Tibetan characteristics will be set up, including textile boutique hall, experience center of Tibetan cartoon and trading center.

A documentary “Discovery of Lhasa”, a television work themed of Tibetan intangible culture will be on screen during the show. Tibetan intangible cultural inheritors, artists and experts of films and televisions will be invited to see and discuss about this film. This could also expand the knowledge of Tibetan intangible culture for local citizens and promote Tibetan culture.

This exhibition provides an opportunity for participants to trade and cooperate with each other . After the show, a center of cultural industry with Tibetan features will be established, which is also a platform for the communication between Tibet and Jiangsu in the field of cultural industry.

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